Episode 9: The Great Syphilis Outbreak of 2012

Books, Beer and Bullshit checking back in!  We are going the whole nine yards with Episode 9!

We return to our roots (in a manner of speaking) by reviewing Jeff Burk's CRIPPLE WOLF.  Mr. Burk is not only a writer but the head editor of Deadite Press which publishes the great Brian Keene's work.  The fans of Deadite were very supportive of the show early on so it's time to give all the dark crazies some love once again.  A difference of opinion exists on this book but it's amazing what happens when a book creates dialogue.  This is why we read!

In Beer we bring to you yet another uniquely vile brew.  This time it's the mysterious Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale.  How's that sound to you?  Yeah well, your problably right.  This concoction comes in a big pink bottle that makes it very distinct among the other brews on the shelves.  You "Manify" it by taking the very manly Bottle Wrench to it.

A light BS session this episode.  We gripe about people shoving their phones in your face.  We try to start a new dance troupe.  What episode would be complete without a little news about Draven Star, could she have possibly shut down an entire industry (doubtful but hey you never know)?

After you get through this show the big 10th Episode will be on it's way.  Something to get excited for!

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  • Jeff Burk

    Awesome! Thanks so much for talking about my collection. Just one quick correction, I’m the head-editor of Deadite Press. Deadite is an imprint of Eraserhead Press, so that makes Rose O’Keefe the owner. Thanks again. I didn’t want to take extra credit.

    Sep 11, 2012 at 11:28 pm
  • booksbeerbullshit

    Thanks for clearing that up. Our apologies for mixing that up. We will correct the entry right away.

    Sep 12, 2012 at 6:02 pm
  • Matthew Vaughn

    Man, I thought the story Cripple Wolf was great! I found it to be hilarious, and quite action packed. I can agree with you guys about Space Badgers and House of Cats, but over all I thought this was a great collection. I would recommend that you read his Shatnerquake, but I have a feeling you may not get into it for similar reasons as Cripple Wolf. I enjoyed your review though guys, keep them coming!

    Sep 20, 2012 at 10:24 pm
  • Books, Beer and Bullshit

    Thanks for the feedback Matt! Like any great piece of literature, CRIPPLE WOLF did something no other book has done since we started this podcast. It birthed a difference of opinion. No matter what our feelings are of a book in the end if we can created a difference of opinion and thus, dialogue then mission accomplished! The biggest thing we discovered reviewing CRIPPLE WOLF for this podcast is that, through discussion, we both had a better opinion of some of the stories we initially didn’t like. HOUSE OF CATS is the prime example. To read that story evokes one sort of reaction but as we found out, TALKING about the story made us realize it wasn’t nearly as bad as we first reacted to it. THAT is why we do this podcast. That is why Jeff and Frank talk about books even in the absence of this podcast. That is why anyone picks up a book. It creates social fodder, food for thought, a common thread upon which to analyze this mortal coil. Thank you Matt Vaughn for listening. Thank you Matt Vaughn for participating in the discussion. You sir, get it!

    Sep 29, 2012 at 3:15 am