Episode 4: Beer, Books and Mouseshit

Welcome everyone to the happiest podcast on earth!  Strap on your generic mouse ears or your beer helmets and get ready to ride the wildest ride in the audioverse because it's time for another episode of Books, Beer and Bullshit!

This time we mix things up because we can becuase it's our podcast so nyah!  The beer tasting comes on first and boy is it a doozy as we test the Ass Kisser Smoked Porter.  Be sure to listen to our review before deciding to give this to your boss for some butt smooching action.

We try to clear our palette after that with our most intensive book review yet,  Leonard Kinsey's OUR KINGDOM OF DUST provides not only the book but much of the bullshit.  Oh boy do we bullshit!  We touch on Kinsey's little alt-Disney empire he has built for himself including a travel guide and amazing YouTube Channel.   What kind of Kinsey banter would be complete without talking about the alluring Draven Star who graces the covers of Kinsey's books.

There's also a bit about shady writers.  Some pimping for our new partner Stitcher Radio.  And a bit o' brainstorming and day dreaming.  All in all a wonderous and magical episode.  So put the kiddies to bed and get ready to get your naughty on 'cuz this ain't your grandma's Disney talk, it's Walt Disney World Books, Beer and Bullshit style!