Episode 28: The Defrosting of My Cockles

The Books, Beer and Bullshit two man wrecking crew is back once again to ruin an hour of your life!

In books we review Carlton Mellick III's, CLUSTERFUCK. It's about time we got around to CM3 and he did not disappoint. In addition to our book review, Mr. Jeff tirades on the unsavory publishers who reprint books that are public domain. There are chips on shoulders that need to be griped about.
In beers we give you a trio of samplings. There is a ginger beer, a mead and a craft beer. We will just let you listen in to the meat of the matter. There is a lot to taste, so come along with us for the ride.
Bullshit is quick this episode. We talk about Kevin Strange's movies going up on Youtube. You can view his movie channel here.
Only two more episodes to go until our big 30th anniversary episode. Enjoy it while it lasts!


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