Episode 11: Red Headed Squirting Librarians

We got it in!  Episode 11 of Books, Beer and Bullshit has arrived for your listening enjoyment.  And it's a good one!

Chick magnet writer, Armand Rosamilia joins us once more to discuss the plethora of things he has going on.  First and foremost is the Halloween Horror Blog Tour pimping out the finest in indie horror writing you need to know about.  He also discusses his latest writing passion, Miami Spy Games.  Then Armand, always a giver, opens up to us emotionally and talk about... let's just say, love.

Then we put The Bottle Wrench to the test once again.  We clean out the BB&BS fridge and offer up four brews that just had not been able to find their way onto the show.  Until Now.  You can be sure at least once of them was a gem that should have been spotlit on it's own segment.  Que sera, sera Constant Listener.

A quirky BS session let's you in on an inside joke that runs through the episode.  We talk about petting sting rays and family days at the aquarium in the murder capitol of New Jersey.  We let loose with our best Bill Cosby imitations.  Then attempt, and fail, to have an intellectual conversation about rape deterrents.   Our most edgy show to date.

How can we possibly cram all that eargasam into a single hour?  Listen and find out because it is time again for Books, Beer and Bullshit!

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