Episode 16: Leave It To The Big Brown Beaver

Look what the lucky leprecauhn brought just in time for St. Patrick's Day:  A bunny new episode of Books, Beer and Bullshit!

The Books segment features the return of the Brown Beaver, Todd Brown.  And like a good leprechaun he's brought tons of goodies for you good boys and girls.  Thats right, FREE eBook copies of May December Publications new anthology MIDNIGHT MOVIE CREATURE FEATURE  2!  Constant Listeners  from now until 3/24/2013 you can download a FREE copy of this eBook from Smashwords.com simply use the Coupon Code: WY93C at checkout and this gem is your to read free compliments of May December and BB&BS.  Who loves you?!

The Beer segment is a double once again.  First is a brew from across the pond.  The Scottish selection, KELPIE a beer brewed with seaweed.  Yum!  Then we double up with a Coffee Stout.  As only your boys at Books, Beer and Bullshit would ever imagine to do, we like our coffee with cream.  Yeah, it's gonna be like that.

Then the big Bullshit segment kicks off with Draven Star news.  Then the big moment some of you have been waiting for, we answer all those questions you've been asking us.  Listen in the our insights, advice and stupidity.  Then we ponder returning to church before signing off for this show.

Go on and press play.  You know you have to!  The door is always open at Books, Beer and Bullshit!

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