Episode 22: Six Point Nine Million Penises

• September 28th, 2013

It's finally here, Episode 22 of Books, Beer and Bullshit Podcast!

The book review many of you have been waiting for is right here. We review THE RISING by the modern day master of horror, Brian Keene. This is Keene's first novel published way back in 2003 but updated with additional content for a new generation to devour. Listen and find out if we believe this book deserves the legendary status it is regaled with among the zombie fiction community.

When we hit beer time we try something very different. A dark beer brewed with sorghum as it's base. Will it taste like any other beer or will it live up the the expectations of The BB&BS palette? Keep listening to find out. There is also some special stuff going on with the bottle, a point we rarely note. 

Finally, Bullshitting rounds out the show with surprise Doom Doll news, a fan only Q&A session and of course, Yahoo Answers debauchery. It's all right here for your consumption only on Books, Beer and Bullshit Podcast.

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Episode 21: My Gay Finger

• September 28th, 2013

It's time to get Dangerous!

Books, Beer and Bullshit Podcast rolls out with a new episode featuring an interview with writer on the rise, Danger Slater! We discuss his new book, DangerRAMA, which contains three novellas. The stories are so good we couldn't possibly cover all the juicy aspects of every story but we did manage to dissect the anomalies of White Castle in Danger Land, the correct pronunciation of Swedish supporting characters and severed gay appendages. We also talk about Danger's life and his views on offbeat subjects.

The beer section features an impromptu review of a Weybacher Saison. Our original beer slated for this episode shattered all over the studio floor prior to recording. We still manage to capture a gem of a beer flavored with Pink Peppercorns of all things. And we finally get to scream in German!

Then it's time for an epic Bullshit session. We learn about the men's shopping web site, DudeIWantThat.com. We learn about mammal poop coffee and then lose Jeff to a marathon cyber window shopping session. Then we get down to the nitty gritty in our Yahoo Answers section on the menstrual cup vs. tampon question posed last episode. We round out the session with a deeper discussion of what masturbation is exactly.

It an episode of Books, Beer and Bullshit that is destined to become a classic. So sit back hit play and soak it in because here we come again to steal another hour of your life!

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Episode 20: Seamus McCoolie

• September 28th, 2013

Party time on Books, Beer and Bullshit! We celebrate 20 episodes in style!

First we break the rules by covering the beer first. It's Top 10 list, beer style! We round robin our top 10 beers then combine them in to one ultimate Books, Beer and Bullshit Top 5 beers of all time list.  

Then it's train wreck interviewing with writers Tim Baker and Armand Rosamilia. While Armand retakes his mayorship, Tim Baker gets his podcasting cherry broken. We talk about Tim Baker's UNFINISHED BUSINESS (featuring a short story by BB&BS's own Mr. Frank) and the plethora of offerings from Armand. Then Tim and Armand practice for their upcoming radio show, The Castaways. Armand round out the interview with a stunning rendition of a beloved Bon Jovi song. This is a not-to-be-missed interview.

Finally it all winds down with some bullshitting about a funny new blog, bitching about other podcasts and a re-launch of our Yahoo Answers segment after we get reported for abuse.

Strap in Constant Listeners because it's finally here!

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Episode 19: Menstrual Cup

• June 11th, 2013

You're about to enter the Books, Beer and Bullshit Zone!

We tackle the horror/war/alt history mash-up novel, SEAL TEAM  666 by the venerable Weston Ochse. It's one part war story, one part horror novel and it all happens at the speed of light.  How will your hosts weigh-in on this one? Only one way to find out, you know that by now Constant Listeners.

Then stick around for the beer section. We bring in some guest tasters to add to the mayhem. This is an Indian themed brew from Dogfish Head. Yeah you know what happens when we bring in the infamous Dogfish Head. SAH'TEA is black tea and juniper berries. C'mon! You can't miss.

Now if you've come this far you're not going to want to bail out for the bullshit section. We give the result of our bout with Yahoo! Answers from last episode. Then we  answer an new question. There is some Doom Doll news, some topical discussion on what those crazy college kids are up to and a bout with an unsuspecting racist.

It's all right here, right now and forevermore for your listening pleasures! It's Books, Beer and Bullshit! Play it, download it, subscribe to it and do it all NOW!

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Episode 18: Xhit

• May 15th, 2013

Time again for Books, Beer and Bullshit...The Podcast!

We review the cutting edge Bizarro anthology TALL TALES WITH SHORT COCKS VOL. 3 from Rooster Republic Press. This book features 15 stories from young names in bizarro fiction. We highlight the more notable stories in the book.  We even offer up our own suggestions for those who want to wade into the Bizarro waters.

The beer review is something a bit different.  It's a wine/beer combo from Blue Moon Brewing. We bring back Frank the Frog to talk French with you all since he hails from the land of fine wines.

Then the bullshit features an extended promo for our sponsor, The Shakoolie!  Then Jeff stumbles across Yahoo! Answers and we are surprised to find out it is still operational.  We do what we do best and start using it.

It's a short but sweet one Constant Listeners so buckle up tight 'cuz this one is gonna fly!  Press play and enjoy the latest offering from Books, Beer and Bullshit!

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Episode 17: Gypsy Jim Eats A Dick

• April 24th, 2013

Look who decided to make a new episode for ya'll!  Books, Beer and Bullshit triumphantly returns with our latest offering.  Its cannibals, cantankerous brews and foul mouthed gypsies this time out.

In books we settle in a for a good old fashioned two man review of StrangeHouse Books CANNIBAL FAT CAMP by David Hayes and Mark Scioneaux.  Rich fats kids, garbage pail kid knock offs and industrial hygienists.  This is what reading is all about people.  There are no technical glitches I assure you.

We pop open a cold one to take to task in the beer section.  Good ole Dog Fish Head provides us with a collaborative effort, Positive Contact. Its brewed with herbs and spice and apple cider. Can you guess how this one goes?  After we taste this thang, Jeff laments the taste buds of those who enjoy craft beers.

Then we bullshit.  The freshest steaming pile of bullshit to date.  Listen in and meet Gypsy Jim then follow the links here to get in on all the crazy.  Race Grooves may have met his match.  Speaking of Race Grooves we give a bit about him as well.  Then we preview things to come and bail out with a musical ditty by none other then StrangeHouse Books very own Don Noble.

Catch you later and we hope not too sporadically! PUSH PLAY NOW!

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Episode 16: Leave It To The Big Brown Beaver

• March 16th, 2013

Look what the lucky leprecauhn brought just in time for St. Patrick's Day:  A bunny new episode of Books, Beer and Bullshit!

The Books segment features the return of the Brown Beaver, Todd Brown.  And like a good leprechaun he's brought tons of goodies for you good boys and girls.  Thats right, FREE eBook copies of May December Publications new anthology MIDNIGHT MOVIE CREATURE FEATURE  2!  Constant Listeners  from now until 3/24/2013 you can download a FREE copy of this eBook from Smashwords.com simply use the Coupon Code: WY93C at checkout and this gem is your to read free compliments of May December and BB&BS.  Who loves you?!

The Beer segment is a double once again.  First is a brew from across the pond.  The Scottish selection, KELPIE a beer brewed with seaweed.  Yum!  Then we double up with a Coffee Stout.  As only your boys at Books, Beer and Bullshit would ever imagine to do, we like our coffee with cream.  Yeah, it's gonna be like that.

Then the big Bullshit segment kicks off with Draven Star news.  Then the big moment some of you have been waiting for, we answer all those questions you've been asking us.  Listen in the our insights, advice and stupidity.  Then we ponder returning to church before signing off for this show.

Go on and press play.  You know you have to!  The door is always open at Books, Beer and Bullshit!

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Episode 15: Fluffing Of The Cock

• February 23rd, 2013

Are you ready kids?  I can't hear you?!  OHHHHH....  It's time for some more Books, Beer and Bullshit!

As promised we read Lance Carbuncle's SLOUGHING OFF THE ROT.  A special surprise for you Constant Listeners though, Lance himself has joined us for the show!  We talk about the proper way to pronounce the title of the book and the origins of his unique name.  Then a split opinion of the quality of the story leads the boys to ask Lance to win 'em over.  Will there be a change of opinion?  Will you have the guts to watch a lance carbuncle video?  Will you look at Lance Carbuncle's balls?

Our beer section takes us to the Middle East this time.  We sample Dogfish Head's Ta Henket Ancient Beer.  Will it live up to the usual high standards of the show?  We may even take you to school and find out about some of the exotic ingredients contained within.  Get your vales and turbans and load up the camel as we travel to Egypt!

Finally we Bullshit as only we know how.  We slap ourselves on the back over some positive feedback from a previous show.  Then strap in and take a high octane ride through the world of Hot Wheels through the eyes of a madman.  Jeff's introduces us to the brilliance that is toy car collecting on YouTube.

Medical Oddities, Far Off Flavors and Creepy Kid Touchers await in the latest offering from Books, Beer and Bullshit.  Git you some!

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Episode 14: Two Tickets To Paradise

• January 26th, 2013

Books, Beer and Bullshit is back for the first time in 2013!

We switch up the Books segment this show.  It's a readers discussion about the act of rereading.  Do you do it?  Are you against it?  Do you even read?  Find out where Jeff and Frank weigh in on the subject.  You just may be subjected to a recital of Goodnight Moon.  There is also a good chance Frank's mind gets blown over the last time he bought a book in a book store.

Beer tasting kicks off with screaming in French about serial killers I'm told.  Then it's time to try out the latest vile potable.  A beer brewed in Pennsylvania with a very french name.  This brew is in a word; breathtaking.  There is also some exciting news about the possibility of smuggling a beer accross state lines in the name of drinking it so you don't have to.  Tune in!

Then it's time for a lightining fast round of Bull-oney!  We talk about the great success of Post No Meme's Day on Facebook.  Then there is an update about the unofficial official porn star of Books, Beer and Bullshit, Draven Star.  What or who has she been up to?  Then there is some very mysterious discussion of Eddie Money.  What's up with that?

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Episode 13: Cyber Goth Penis

• December 13th, 2012

What a freakin' show we have for you this time out Constant Listener!

The monsters of monsters, Kevin Strange and Don Noble of Strange House Books drop by for an interview orgy.  Kevin Strange is the soul of a great new publishing company and Don Noble is the scribe that is going to carry said publishing house into infamy!  We talk about this exciting new publisher and the epic book printed under their imprint, BEER RUN OF THE DEAD, by Don Noble.  This is a not-to-miss interview!

We take a taste of Italy in the Beer segment.  It's Mama Mia's Pizza Beer.  Sounds just awful doesn't it?  Well it doesn't come with any toppings.  But you know your boys on Books, Beer and Bullshit have just the cure for that.  Find out how we like to top our pizza beer.  We are also joined by an industry insider and favorite new character on BB&BS, The Beer Meister!

We round out the show with the BS.  Jeff laments on BitchFace.com photos and Frank starts a charity for battered porn stars.  The Beer Meister weighs in with some of his own BS and general debauchery ensues.

Get your Strange Hats on folks becuase it's time once again for Books, Beer and Bullshit for the 13th time!

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