Episode 39: Cereal Killerz

The long awaited, never deflated, thirty ninth episode of Books, Beer and Bullshit Podcast is on the scene!

A day late and a dollar short for Halloween, we conduct a readers discussion on what makes books scary. Are books even scary? We break it all down in deep political analysis in our book section.
In beers, we try some local New Jersey fare. But first we must scream in our native language and then make fun of our own culture. Then it's onto the beer tasting, A Funnel Cake beer from The Forgotten Boardwalk Brewery. Can this sweet confection overcome our snooty palettes?
The beer section flows into an extensive bullshiting session on kids cereals. Also in the spirit of the spooky season we go over some dope's Top Ten Boobies in Horror Movies list. Can't ever go wrong looking at boobs.
Get your costumes on because its time for another creepy episode of Books, Beer and Bullshit!