Episode 37: Doogie Plows Her, MD

Some said it was a myth. Others said it was the impossible. Still others had already moved along...

But its true! We are back with Episode 37! We never went anywhere, we were here the whole time. We want to thank YOU, Constant Listener for never giving up on us. You know we will be back eventually and we will bring a whole new hour of debauchery.
What have we got up our sleeves this time? A brand new book review. A DOUBLE beer tasting. And every time you think we've pushed the envelope of Bullshitting to its limit, we got one deplorable step further, check your sensitivities at the door Constant Listener.
And to top it all off, its our first OUTDOOR episode. Outta the dank and into the stank!
We do it all for you Constant Listeners so we hope you enjoy, this, our latest offering of Books, Beer and Bullshit Podcast!


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