Episode 34: Fill My Heart With Your Scum Love

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Books, Beer and Bullshits of our lives!

In Books, we review ESCAPE FROM SHIT TOWN by Erik Williams, Sam W. Anderson and Shane McKenzie. A story so depraved it could only be published from the fine folks at Deadite Press. Will it hold up to Books, Beer and Bullshit's exacting standards or will the proverbial shit hit the fan?
In Beers, we go GROWLER! One gallon of white truffle beer will be consumed for our nefarious pleasures. Can the delicate white truffle overcome the discerning taste buds of Mr. Frank and Mr. Jeff or will another beer go down in the annals of the wall of shame?
In Bullshit we cover a smattering of topics. There are celebrity daughters, author shamings, musing on Reader's Digest and even analysis of the veracity of audio books.
You wanted it Constant Listener? It's in there! Hit play to receive your aural violation as only Books, Beer and Bullshit can provide!


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