Episode 30: Greatest Shits

Who would have thought that the big 3-0 would be such a milestone?  We at Books, Beer and Bullshit are going to make a big stinking deal out of it!

As we always do, we celebrate our decadant episodes with a top ten list and we pulled out the big guns this time. Thirty episodes and two and a half years worth of podcasting have produced an impressive collection of podcast history. In Episode 30, we celebrate where we have come from by listing our top 10 bullshit moments of the podcast. That is, the most funniest moments we could muster up in our storied history. So if you've been a long standing Constant Listener you will enjoy the trip down memory land and if you are a new Constant Listener you will appreciate catching up on all the madness you've missed.
This is our longest episode to date, the top ten list takes up what is normally our full episode. But we would never gyp you out of an episode of Books, Beer and Bullshit so we still hold to our review of the random choice of Kate White's THE SIXES.  Female authored murder mystery was not prepared for the Books, Beer and Bullshit critique I assure you.
Finally we take a trip to the South Pacific and indulge in some Pinapple beer (brewed in Pennsylvania). 
This is a decadant episdoe that will not soon be forgotten! Thank you to ALL our Constant Listeners, no matter where you came in, we love each and every one of you!


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