Episode 29: Fecal Matters

Episode 29 is on tap for you fine Constant Listeners.

In books, we get a lot of junk off our chests as far as books are concerned. There is no book review or interview this episode. Instead we make a productive bullshit session out of our lack of dedicated reading for the podcast. And you know what? It works! Listen in as we lament on the things that bug us in the current book markets.

In beers; We pull out a craft from Dogfish Head. They've been successful in bringing on the podcast quality beers, can they keep up the tradition? It's a beer brewed with Wasabi. How do you think its going to go?

Lastly we wrap up with bullshit about Paleoshit. Big science news lately about the oldest human poop being discovered is discussed and analyzed by the most qualified experts in the field, your very own Books, Beer and Bullshit hosts Mr. Frank and Mr. Jeff. Hear the good doctors as they weigh in on the subject.

Now! Only on Episode 29 of the Books, Beer and Bullshit Podcast! Now in 2-D!