Episode 24: None More Black

Can it be true? So soon?! Yes! We are back with Episode 24 of Books, Beer and Bullshit!

Readers discussion this time around. We pick apart eBooks. Are page numbers going the way of the dinosaur? Will word counts be the new measure of a book and reading progress?  Who the hell knows, but we wax philosophical on that subject and others in the Books section.
Then things get spicy in Beers. Namely Billy's Chilies Beer. Finally, our long drawn out search for a true hot pepper beer has come to an end. The final results are in. The signature sniff's have been snuff. Will Mr. Jeff and Mr. Frank give it the yay or the nay? Listen and find out!

Then lots of BS about a lot of BS. We reinvent golf. Jeff makes an observation about Kim Kardasian and we delve into the music of Kanye West.

So grab the mic outta some ditsy blonde's hand and demand the award be given to Books, Beer and Bullshit! Two episodes in one month? The podcasting world has been turned on it's head!

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