Episode 20: Seamus McCoolie

Party time on Books, Beer and Bullshit! We celebrate 20 episodes in style!

First we break the rules by covering the beer first. It's Top 10 list, beer style! We round robin our top 10 beers then combine them in to one ultimate Books, Beer and Bullshit Top 5 beers of all time list.  

Then it's train wreck interviewing with writers Tim Baker and Armand Rosamilia. While Armand retakes his mayorship, Tim Baker gets his podcasting cherry broken. We talk about Tim Baker's UNFINISHED BUSINESS (featuring a short story by BB&BS's own Mr. Frank) and the plethora of offerings from Armand. Then Tim and Armand practice for their upcoming radio show, The Castaways. Armand round out the interview with a stunning rendition of a beloved Bon Jovi song. This is a not-to-be-missed interview.

Finally it all winds down with some bullshitting about a funny new blog, bitching about other podcasts and a re-launch of our Yahoo Answers segment after we get reported for abuse.

Strap in Constant Listeners because it's finally here!

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