Episode 17: Gypsy Jim Eats A Dick

Look who decided to make a new episode for ya'll!  Books, Beer and Bullshit triumphantly returns with our latest offering.  Its cannibals, cantankerous brews and foul mouthed gypsies this time out.

In books we settle in a for a good old fashioned two man review of StrangeHouse Books CANNIBAL FAT CAMP by David Hayes and Mark Scioneaux.  Rich fats kids, garbage pail kid knock offs and industrial hygienists.  This is what reading is all about people.  There are no technical glitches I assure you.

We pop open a cold one to take to task in the beer section.  Good ole Dog Fish Head provides us with a collaborative effort, Positive Contact. Its brewed with herbs and spice and apple cider. Can you guess how this one goes?  After we taste this thang, Jeff laments the taste buds of those who enjoy craft beers.

Then we bullshit.  The freshest steaming pile of bullshit to date.  Listen in and meet Gypsy Jim then follow the links here to get in on all the crazy.  Race Grooves may have met his match.  Speaking of Race Grooves we give a bit about him as well.  Then we preview things to come and bail out with a musical ditty by none other then StrangeHouse Books very own Don Noble.

Catch you later and we hope not too sporadically! PUSH PLAY NOW!

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