Episode 13: Cyber Goth Penis

What a freakin' show we have for you this time out Constant Listener!

The monsters of monsters, Kevin Strange and Don Noble of Strange House Books drop by for an interview orgy.  Kevin Strange is the soul of a great new publishing company and Don Noble is the scribe that is going to carry said publishing house into infamy!  We talk about this exciting new publisher and the epic book printed under their imprint, BEER RUN OF THE DEAD, by Don Noble.  This is a not-to-miss interview!

We take a taste of Italy in the Beer segment.  It's Mama Mia's Pizza Beer.  Sounds just awful doesn't it?  Well it doesn't come with any toppings.  But you know your boys on Books, Beer and Bullshit have just the cure for that.  Find out how we like to top our pizza beer.  We are also joined by an industry insider and favorite new character on BB&BS, The Beer Meister!

We round out the show with the BS.  Jeff laments on BitchFace.com photos and Frank starts a charity for battered porn stars.  The Beer Meister weighs in with some of his own BS and general debauchery ensues.

Get your Strange Hats on folks becuase it's time once again for Books, Beer and Bullshit for the 13th time!

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