Episode 10: Red Drank

A decade of decadence!  Well ten silly episodes anyway.  Books, Beer and Bullshit is proud to present our tenth offering...

In our book section we switch it up and present to you our Top Ten Favorite Books of All Time.  It is an interesting, sometimes revealing peek into our reading souls.  Will there be the standard fare?  Will there be some surprises?  Will you want to throw a brick at your iPod?  Only one way to find out.

In beer we return to the "Tour" tasting.  This one we have dubbed the 4-G tasting.  Four "high-gravity" brews await our sophisticated taste buds.  Two are straight up brews.  Two are the new fad energy beers.  All are priceless (or at least 2.50).  None will survive the bottle wrench!

We take a few minutes to bullshit about the past, present and future.  This episode represents a shift in the way we do things.  There is no major format change but we are going to be trying out a lot of new things from here on out also.  Evolve or die bitches!  So thanks for joining us a tenth time Constant Listener and enjoy the show!

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