Episode 7: Fish Sticks and the Herb Ox Band

Books, Beer and Bulls  hit has returned to infect your ears!

This episode we talk to writer/publisher Todd "TW" Brown.  Todd is releasing the fourth book in his ZOMBLOG series so we read and discussed the first book in the series with him.  Todd gives an exellent interview talking all the good and not so good points of ZOMBLOG with us.  Then we dig a bit deeper into his life as an indie publisher.  What a story, from the lows to the highs, Todd gives the straight poop.  Then we touch on some other projects May December Publications has coming on the horizon, exciting creepy stuff is on the way.  The most important thing is all the FREE stuff Todd and May December is dishing out including this puppy:  The Gruesome Tale of Garrett and Kirsten from Smashwords.  We hope you love listening to this interview as much as we enjoyed conducting it.

Then is time to get out your French dictionaries.   We take on Herb Beer.  No not a guy name Herb Beer but Dogfish Head Brewery's Saison Du Buff.  It's a beer brewed with several kinds of herbs.  This is actually a three brewery effort.  Will the meeting of the greatest minds in craft brews overcome this hateful pallette of the Books, Beer and Bullshit two-man wrecking crew?  Gotta listen to find out!

The Bullshit is short and sweet this time.  Still recovering from the Chelada episode we can only muster enough energy to talk about poop.  But when we talk poop, people listen...

So get ready for another Zombie Apocalypse becuase it's time once again for Books, Beer and Bullshit!