Episode 3: White Men Can’t Drink

It's insanity time folks!  Books, Beer and Bullshit  serves up another round of good reading, bad beer and unhinged banter.

We start out with our book review of A. Lee Martinez's EMPEROR MOLLUSK AND THE SINISTER BRAIN.  An examination of the mind of a megalomaniac with a heart of gold.  Then we drink 80's style in our Tour de Forty beer tasting.  Put the straight razors away before you start listening, we wouldn't want anyone getting hurt.  We round it all out with crapola about audio books, vaccuum cleaner salesmen and of course... poop.

Strap in and sit back.  Vomit bags are located in the front seat pocket cuz it's time for Episode 3: White Men Can't Drink.  Give us stars below and join the conversation on Facebook when your done.  Thanks Constant Listener!




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    Yes a recording glitch rendered the audio somewhat overdriven. Our appologies for the poor quality audio this time around. We promise to be more diligent with our recording levels in the future.

    May 28, 2012 at 3:28 pm