Episode 23: Keepin’ It Greek

The long awaited October Episode of Books, Beer and Bullshit has arrived... in November!

Good things come to those who wait Constant Listeners! Kevin Strange has had to wait quite a long time for his epic second interview with BB&BS to air. We hope it it was well worth the wait. The material is a bit dated but the material is still solid StrangeHouse and should be checked out ASAP! The October Offensive sallies forth in to November!

Beer bring a taste of the season as well. A little late as well. It's Octoberfest Beer in November. Fear not because this Octoberfest brew is a year old anyway. Get yer leiderhosen on and have a bucket ready as the BB&BS boys drink year old beer.

Bullshitting has it's own fair share of dated material as well as the boys discuss the possible outcome of the World Series and then reinvent the sport to their own liking. There is also another attempt at Yahoo Answers and Mr. Jeff versus The Llama guy and the Two Trolls.

We hope it's worth the wait! Enjoy and keep an eye out for the second November episode coming REAL SOON!

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