Episode 14: Two Tickets To Paradise

Books, Beer and Bullshit is back for the first time in 2013!

We switch up the Books segment this show.  It's a readers discussion about the act of rereading.  Do you do it?  Are you against it?  Do you even read?  Find out where Jeff and Frank weigh in on the subject.  You just may be subjected to a recital of Goodnight Moon.  There is also a good chance Frank's mind gets blown over the last time he bought a book in a book store.

Beer tasting kicks off with screaming in French about serial killers I'm told.  Then it's time to try out the latest vile potable.  A beer brewed in Pennsylvania with a very french name.  This brew is in a word; breathtaking.  There is also some exciting news about the possibility of smuggling a beer accross state lines in the name of drinking it so you don't have to.  Tune in!

Then it's time for a lightining fast round of Bull-oney!  We talk about the great success of Post No Meme's Day on Facebook.  Then there is an update about the unofficial official porn star of Books, Beer and Bullshit, Draven Star.  What or who has she been up to?  Then there is some very mysterious discussion of Eddie Money.  What's up with that?

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